Friday, 24 March 2017

Plastic Fantastic!
By Philippa Werry

New Zealanders use around three million plastic bags a day.(thatś over a bilion bags each year.)
Take your cloth bags when you go shopping-or reuse a cardboard box.
Up to 100 000 marine animals,mostly whales,seals and turtles die each year around the world after eating or becoming tangled in plastic bags.
Make sure your family keeps a stash of old plastic bags or cloth,a box, or even a laundry basket in the car for unexpected purchases
The average new zealand family has collected sixty bags after just four trips to the supermarket.
If you do end up with plastic bags,try to reuse them as bin liners or for anything else useful you can think of.

 The plastic bag is bad because its causes bad and poison thing and it kills sea creatures. And New Zealanders use around three million plastic bags a day and sometimes  


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